Hello 2019!

New year, new priorities...

Allow us to help you be your most comfortable this year in a new pair of Birkenstocks.

About Us



The very first Birkenstock specialty store in North America.  Serving Toronto for almost 80 years.

A chiropractor by trade, Dr. Peter P. Wons has been in the Birkenstock business for over 30 years.  

The Perfect Fit


Our longstanding experience in the shoe making business has shown us that most people are not satisfied with the fit of their shoes.

We take great pride in making sure that all of our customers are fitted in the right size, width and footwear.

Innovative Designs


 As Toronto's only Birkenstock specialty store, we offer the widest variety of Birkenstock products like shoes, sandals, arch supports and accessories! 

Cork, the soul of our shoes

Cork oaks have been around for millions of years, and their bark is THE source of cork – one of the world’s most versatile natural materials. Even today, there is no synthetic material that can match all of cork’s many properties. The perfect raw material for BIRKENSTOCK: cork cushions, breathes and is lightweight. 

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