Blue Footbed®

With the flexible Blue Footbed® you can also enjoy BIRKENSTOCK comfort in many different shoes.  As many people with the same shoe size often have toes of differing length, the flexible Blue Footbed® has a three-quarter length.  This guarantees an optimal fit, without having to take the length of the forefoot and the shape of the shoe tip into account.  Shoe sizes can differ from the size of the Blue Footbed®.  This anatomically formed, highly flexible cork-insole gives you comfort and health even in shoes with high heels.

Use the Blue Footbed® for your sport, work or casual shoes and let them give you the utmost comfort.

  • Very thin, flexible edges make them comfortable to wear and adapt to the shape of any shoe.
  • The heel cup encloses the foot naturally, supports the heel and provides good shock absorption.
  • The arch under the ball, the longitudinal arch support and the side support relieve pressure and  guide the foot back to its natural shape.
  • Precisely shaped cups support the longitudinal arch and supports the entire foot.
  • Is manufactured from natural materials and ensures healthy foot climate
  • Ensures an optimum spreading of the foot.

In case you are wondering: the Blue Footbed has a three-quarter length in order to ensure a perfect fit. Shoe size can be different from the size of the feet.  For this reason, the footbed has to be carefully adjusted by your retailer before purchase.