Care Tips


Your new sandals already have a light coating of sealant to prevent the exposed

cork from drying out.  If the cork no longer looks shiny, apply another thin coat of cork sealant or a flexible sealing material (barge cement).  Done periodically, this will prolong the life of your footwear.


Apply water and stain protector to leather, Suede and Nubuck uppers before

wearing and after each cleaning.  Keep Suede uppers fresh looking with a Suede

brush.  When soiled use mild soap suds or clean with a commercial suede cleaner.

For Nubuck use a Nubuck block.  Clean and condition leathers with a high quality

neutral leather cream.  Use matching leather polish to cover scuff marks.  Wipe

Birko-Flor uppers with a damp cloth.  The inside of the footbed may also be washed with mild soap suds and a soft brush.  Dry slowly, away from heat to avoid



The BIRKENSTOCK sole has been carefully selected for its superior qualities.  It is lightweight, flexible, durable and shock absorbent.  Both the cork and the sole can be damaged by exposure to excessive heat.  Keep your sandals away from radiators and fireplaces.  Never leave them in a closed car on a hot day or on the beach exposed to direct sun.  If your sandals become wet, let them dry slowly, away from direct heat.  If the soles should become damaged or worn, they can be



Although we only use the highest quality leathers and test it for colourfastness,

any dyed leather will shed some colour.  Please be careful with delicate or light

coloured socks, especially when your footwear is new.


BIRKENSTOCK footwear has been constructed using only the highest quality

materials and is designed to allow efficient repair.  Protect your investment and prolong the life of your sandals by applying a thin layer of cork sealant when the cork begins to lose its shine.  Cracked cork is easily repairable as well. Repair your sandals with original BIRKENSTOCK soles before they have worn through to the

cork footbeds.  Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.  Ask us about our repair services.

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